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Premier Commercial Cleaning Services Through Unicare

Outsourcing your cleaning services means more than just finding an office cleaning company to keep your facilities neat. It's a strategic business decision that offers a multitude of benefits. The appearance of your workplace sets the tone for employee productivity, cleanliness, and reflects your commitment to quality. At Unicare, our comprehensive commercial cleaning services can give you a competitive advantage by providing you more time to grow your business in a satisfactory environment.

Leave a Lasting Impression

First impressions can have a significant impact on customers. Many interpret an unclean or disorganized facility as a reflection of the amount of care that is put into a business's product or service. Not only can you lose the interest of the initial customer, but word may spread about your lack of cleanliness. We are fully confident in our commercial cleaning services and provide our customers with an unconditional guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our services, we will either re-do the work or provide you with a refund.

Maintain Health and Productivity

According to North Carolina State University, a survey indicated that nine out of ten workers believed that the quality of a workspace affects the attitude of employees and boosts their productivity. Since employees, as well as their managers, are unable to keep up with office cleaning, hiring a commercial cleaning company is the surest way to address sanitation issues without putting the added burden onto workers. In addition to reduced productivity, accumulation of dust and dirt can also cause health issues. Unicare handles all aspects of cleaning services, including pest control, blind/drapery cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning, and much more to ensure health problems do not emerge.

Focus on Business Growth

In today's economy, more and more business owners are looking for ways to cut costs. Some even resort to performing their own cleaning. What many businesses don't realize is that the time spent cleaning, organizing, and sanitizing their facility could be better spent growing their core business. Hiring employees to perform office cleaning or undergoing these tasks on your own only takes time away from your real job - to increase revenue. Without the proper training and skills found only in professional commercial cleaning personnel, the results are likely to be unsatisfactory, meaning more time spent trying to keep the premises clean and welcoming to customers.

Take Advantage of Unicare's One-Stop Service

It takes a great deal of time and effort to find quality commercial cleaning services that meet your vast amount of needs. More than just your basic office cleaning service, we are a full-service cleaning and maintenance company that provides all aspects of cleaning and organizing to maintain your facilities. From event setup and repair services to painting, power washing, aquarium setup, and ceiling and wall cleaning, we do it all with great attention to detail. Our team of fully-trained and screened staff is available around-the-clock to perform a full scope of cleaning duties. We also provide security procedures to keep your facilities safe at all times.

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