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Why Choose Unicare Building Maintenance Inc?

Unicare Uses Green Chemicals for a healthier experience

Green Office Cleaning is Allergy neutral and Good for the Environment

Reap the Advantages of a Green Workplace with Unicare

Join the green movement and minimize your carbon footprint by choosing green cleaning services. We are green certified by the Green Business Bureau, meaning that we 19ve taken the initiative to become environmentally responsible. Our commitment to providing environmentally responsible green cleaning products and services helps to reduce energy consumption, resource consumption and is gradually shrinking our carbon footprint.

In fact, more and more businesses are making the switch to green cleaning services. According to the GGB, 84 percent of companies prefer to use a green-certified company over a non-certified competitor. We aim to provide green cleaning to businesses concerned about:

  • The health of their employees and/or customers
  • The environment
  • Their investment in their office, building or property
  • Maintaining proper air quality indoors

Create Healthier Surroundings

Our green cleaning services are designed to reduce health problems and improve indoor air quality. Green cleaning is one of the easiest and most efficient ways for building managers to make their facilities safer and healthier for employees and for their environment. Studies have shown that fewer incidents associated with eye, skin and respiratory irritation, fewer allergies, fewer chemical sensitivities and a decrease in nausea and headaches are found in facilities where green cleaning services are utilized. 

Save Money & the Environment

Our dedication to reducing the use of contaminants that can cause pollution helps clients reduce costs in terms of sick time, reduced healthcare costs, less time off and increased productivity among employees. We use bio-based cleaners whenever possible and environmentally responsible practices in the proper manner to decrease water pollution, air pollution and ozone depletion. Our green processes also promote recycling, minimize toxic products and decrease the use of raw materials.

More than 30 percent of U.S. workers suffer from health problems caused by Sick Building Syndrome, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Companies often underestimate the advantages of switching to green cleaning services. Green cleaning offers the same level of effectiveness as traditional cleaning with little to no cost increase; however, the return on investment for switching to green cleaning is significant. We go above and beyond to deliver quality service while minimizing our environmental impact.

Make a difference not only in your own facility, but also in your environment by making the switch to green cleaning. We employ environmentally responsible processes and practices to conserve energy and natural resources while saving you money. Schedule an appointment or learn more by  Contacting Us today.